Reviticell Opportunity

July 2, 2016

We are at the forefront of a revolution in modern medicine that will forever change the way we treat, heal and restore lives. This revolution is Regenerative Medicine ‐ an industry estimated to reach $69 billion by 2019. Doctors tell us they want predictable and consistent results. We hear people say they want healthier lives. Reviticell is an innovative company that is developing medical kits designed to optimize and standardize regenerative medical procedures, so that doctors can work efficiently and patients can have peace of mind. Regenerative medical procedures utilize a patient’s blood or body fat to restore parts of the body that have been damaged by trauma, disease or congenital defects. Patent‐pending Reviticell Kits are being developed as somewhat of a paint‐by‐numbers system, so that doctors can conduct regenerative medical procedures in a way that is safe, predictable and consistent. Select components of blood can be used by doctors as an all‐natural way to promote healing of orthopedic injuries. Concentrated tissue from body fat can be used by doctors for facial restoration and wound care. According to recent studies, this tissue can even be used to reconstruct organs. Locked within body fat are stem cells – the building blocks of our bodies. Reviticell Kits are being developed to be the very key that facilitates their release! Unlocking these powerful cells is the first step in many regenerative medical procedures. We are collaborating with University of Florida to develop new medical technologies and work with industry leaders such as Roche Custom Biotech as a part of our best‐in‐class business model. Our management team has extensive experience in developing and managing successful high growth companies in the US and abroad. EquityNet’s patented algorithms rank Reviticell at 170% of the potential reward but at only 23% of the risk as compared to our peer group! Their analysis can be viewed via the link to EquityNet on our website,

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