VetFamily: Kenneth Fisher, Chairman of Fisher House and This Week’s Invictus Games 2016

May 11, 2016 astera


There are few people in this country who have done as much for today's military as Ken Fisher, Chairman and CEO of the Fisher House Foundation and our VetFamily honoree. Ken has created Fisher Houses in the U.S. and abroad - there are now 70 of these comfort homes and many more under construction - that provide accommodations at no cost to the families of servicemen and women who are receiving treatment in nearby military hospitals. They are a godsend to our military families who often do not have the resources to support visits to their hospitalized son or daughter. Fisher House is a tremendous organization which we, like President Obama, have been proud to support over the years. Ken and I have also collaborated on Veterans Week NYC 2016. I am proud to call him a longtime colleague and friend.

This past year, Ken started a new chapter in his philanthropic efforts, while continuing to lead Fisher House. He is Chairman of the 2016 Invictus games in Orlando, first established by the U.K.'s Prince Harry, who founded the games to honor wounded veterans in 2014 in London. The 2016 Invictus Games, which take place this week, is a wonderful and important celebration of service and athletics. Lin and I are here in Orlando to take in the action. Be sure to follow my blog to learn more with updates.

Learn more about Ken here through a special Q&A, where he talks about why he does so much for our veterans and their families.


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