VetFamily: Get to Know Peter Sarsgaard, who Stars in Jackie

January 13, 2017 astera

Peter Sarsgaard Natalie Portman Jackie movie
Natalie Portman as Jackie Kennedy and Peter Sarsgaard as Bobby Kennedy in "Jackie."
(Photo by William Gray. © 2016 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation. All Rights Reserved.)

Most know January as the time for football playoffs and the upcoming Super Bowl. Just as many Americans, however, view this month as the beginning of Oscar season. Destined to get a lot of Oscar hardware this season is the blockbuster film Jackie, featuring VetFamily Peter Sarsgaard. Peter lived the military brat lifestyle, brought military life to the silver screen, and now is co-starring in the role of a lifetime.

It was in Sarsgaard’s moving depiction of Gulf War I Marines in the 2005 film Jarhead that we caught our first glimpse of military life in the post-9/11 era. It set the stage, remarkably, for a lot of movies which came after it, and all the societal subjects and issues that we deal with today.

That first war in Iraq started 26 years ago this month. So many of Veterans Advantage's members are from that era. I want to take a moment to recognize these veterans and their families here today for their service and sacrifice. We are most grateful.


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