Veterans Day Message: Marking Two Anniversaries

November 11, 2014 admin

This Veterans Day, we recognize and acknowledge the service and sacrifice of those who have worn the uniform of the United States, our Veterans. While each year we pause as a nation to give thanks to those who have preserved our freedoms, this year we want to mark two times in our nation’s military history which deserve special recognition today:

1. Iraq: So many wars are known for key battles, and in the Post-9/11 era, the second battle for Fallujah will go down in history as a critical one in the War for Iraq. One of the bloodiest battles of the Iraq War was fought in Fallujah 10 years ago this month. According to the Marine Corps, more than 300 bombs, 6,000 rounds of artillery and 29,000 mortar rounds were used against the enemy and not a single U.S or allied nation fatality was recorded. Two thousand insurgents were killed and 1,200 were captured. Soon after the battle, nearly 50,000 civilians had reentered the city within 16 days after the city was officially secured. After further stabilization, markets opened and the town was not threatened again.

2. Vietnam: Our NYC Veterans Day Parade float salutes our benefit partners, but this year it will carry a special flag for my brothers who served during the Vietnam War era. This year marks the 50th Anniversary Vietnam War Commemoration, whose purpose is to promote activities for ”a grateful nation in thanking and honoring our Vietnam Veterans and their families.”

Veterans Advantage is proud to be a Commemoration Partner. Paul “Bud” Bucha, who serves on the Advisory Board of Veterans Advantage, also serves on the Vietnam War Commemoration Committee.

As a nation, we owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to Vietnam Veterans who were called to serve and sacrifice and their families. Sadly, during this time in our nation’s history, there was tremendous confusion between the war and the warrior. As a country, we have always wanted to forget the Vietnam War. And too often, we have forgotten the warrior. Let us remember now with the "Welcome Home" each one deserves. We must rededicate ourselves to meet the continuing social, economic and medical needs of this generation of warriors and provide the support they deserve.

Today, let’s choose to remember.

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Veterans Day Message: Marking Two Anniversaries

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