Veterans Advantage VetFamily Leaders in Sports

May 1, 2015 claire

This week's VetFamily profile is Yankee Manager Joe Girardi. Many athletes are a patriotic bunch, and its great to see how the family influence runs deep with Joe. With his signature crew cut, you might think he's a Marine, but as he will tell you, he is a product of his father's service in the Air Force.

Speaking of VetFamily and sports, we want to take a moment to salute Donna de Varona, a long-time Veterans Advantage Advisory member. The spouse of an Army Veteran, she is a two-time gold medalist, sports commentator, businesswoman, and a singular pioneer for women's rights and athletics.

Recently Donna was honored by Sports Business Daily, a leading industry trade magazine, as a CHAMPION, one of the great "Pioneers & Innovators in Sports Business." Congratulations, Donna and thank you for all you do for all of us! And I almost forgot, Happy Birthday!!

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