Veteran Inspires Corporate America’s Leaders With "My Battlefield, Your Office"

March 10, 2016 claire


Justin Constantine, a Marine officer and decorated Iraq veteran, joined us for our Veterans Advantage holiday party in December. While the focus of the event was to get together with good friends and celebrate a wonderful year, Justin was a reminder of the gratitude we should have for living each day like it may be our last. Nearly mortally wounded by sniper fire in Iraq, Justin, through great determination, persistence and the support of a steadfast spouse, put his body and life back together. Today, he is a passionate motivational speaker who spreads his leadership advice to companies and his fellow wounded warriors.

Justin has also written a book, My Battlefield, Your Office. It is a powerful compilation of the greatest leadership strengths borne from military training that has great value for any company or family. I immediately ordered copies for our staff in CT and Salt Lake City. I was particularly drawn by one passage which reflects Justin's experience, and represents a lesson to us all: "A poor leader says 'Woe is me. Why can't things be the way they always were?' A good leader says, 'We are moving in a new direction now. This is exciting."

Pick up your copy from Amazon and be inspired today.



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