Tucker Smallwood: Actor And Advocate

February 11, 2016 mzost


Actor, writer, musician, advocate and fellow Vietnam veteran, Tucker Smallwood has been in over 30 films, performed in more than 40 theatrical productions and voiced over 1,000 television and radio spots. With the excitement and film frenzy leading up to the Oscars on February 28, we recognize him as a CelebVet and applaud his work on an Oscar-nominated film that’s near and dear to our hearts at Veterans Advantage.

He lent his voice to the HBO documentary Dear America: Letters Home From Vietnam. Dear America is based on the book of the same name and features letters, stories and anecdotes compiled by the New York Vietnam Veterans Memorial Commission, which I was honored to co-chair. Dear America won HBO its first Emmy and a documentary on the making of the movie was nominated for an Academy Award.

Smallwood has also been in some much-loved television series, including Star Trek: Voyager, Star Trek: Enterprise, Seinfeld and Friends, and feature films like Presumed Innocent and Deep Impact. Though he hasn’t received an Oscar nomination – yet! – Smallwood serves as a celebrity ambassador for Veterans in Film and Television (VFT). This year, VFT member Hank Hughes’ short film, Day One, has been nominated for an Academy Award. We wish VFT and Hughes good luck, and thank Smallwood for entertaining us over the decades!

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