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February 25, 2016 mzost

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Baseball and Beyond

As President Obama announced in his 2016 African-American History Month proclamation, "We honor the contributions of African Americans since our country's beginning, and we recommit to reaching for a day when no person is judged by anything but the content of their character." All this month, as Veterans, we recognize the character and accomplishments of great African Americans while in uniform and after their service.

In our TopVet piece today, we recognize Dusty Baker for his impact on baseball, both as a player and a successful manager for four Major League Baseball teams. Whether in a Marine uniform or a baseball uniform, Baker has excelled and inspired.

And as I noted in an earlier post, Tucker Smallwood - who we profiled earlier this month - is a fellow Vietnam Veteran who had a role to play in the release of Dear America: Letters Home From Vietnam. He is also an outspoken advocate for understanding and addressing PTS.

The award program at Veterans Advantage includes the designations of CelebVet, VetFamily, TopVet, HeroVet, and TopRank. This program is a central part of our mission - to raise awareness of the value of military service. This program showcases inspiring stories of those who serve who continue to apply the lessons of service in their chosen fields with notable success. During this month, we recognize great African Americans who have served our country and created a lasting impact on our nation. All of us at Veterans Advantage recognize, acknowledge and applaud their efforts and remarkable accomplishments. A huge thank you from all of us at Veterans Advantage!

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