"The Siren’s Call and Second Chances" by Medal of Honor Recipient Tom Kelley and His Wife, Joan

February 22, 2017 anna


I was pleased to hear the news that Medal of Honor recipient Tom Kelley's hard work has finally paid off. He, along with the co-authorship of his wife Joan, are now published on Amazon.com with the Release of “The Siren's Call and Second Chances.

The book's subtitle is “A Story of Perseverance, Service, Heroic Courage and Love,” and – knowing Tom and Joan – they poured every ounce into demonstrating that. This come-to-life memoir shows how they both took divergent and challenging paths to serve our nation in the Navy and eventually found each other as soulmates.

In the book's foreword, world-renown journalist, and daughter of a career Army father, Judy Woodruff calls it a story of hope:

I can't imagine reading this story by Tom and Joan Kelley, who don't meet until each has already led a full life, and follow their love for each other, for country, and for the men and women who serve it, without a sense of hope. Both turned moments that could have made them bitter, into a reason to give back. I was inspired, as will all of you who turn the page will be.

In touring the country and meeting lots of Medal of Honor recipients over the years, I know that those looking from the outside are always mesmerized by what makes these remarkable Americans “tick.” They always respond to the accolades with the utmost of humility and respect for the country they swore to defend, and their fellow men and women they regard as blood brothers and sisters for the rest of their lives. Tom and Joan exemplify that same high standard of dedication that endures and inspires.

I already ordered a bunch of the books to circulate to the staff and Advisory Board, here so they may be able to touch the spirit embodied by Tom & Joan – even if it is only through their words, it is an invaluable education no school can ever teach.

Learn more: Pick up your copy of The Siren's Call and Second Chances from Amazon.com today!


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