Tell Us About Your Personal Kit When You Served

June 19, 2015 admin

The New York Historical Society (NYHS) – one of the country’s leading historical museums, in the heart of New York City -- is in the planning stages of a comprehensive exhibition about the Vietnam War. And we would like your help with this exciting project.

The NYHS is determined to get it right when it comes to representing the experience of American service personnel (of all branches) in the Vietnam theater of operations. We want to offer your feedback to make sure they have it right.

We also thought it is a fun idea to ask Veterans of all service eras.

So, they have asked me to ask you:

What items of your personal kit you would say absolutely MUST be on display at this type of exhibition?

What are the physical things that best represent what it meant to be there for you?

Here are some examples of the kinds of things we thought of for the Vietnam era. Surely, you may think of others, especially if you served during other times.

Dog tags
A P-38 can opener
A rucksack
Foot powder
Combat boots
Vietnam Service Award medal
PRC-25 radio

As you can see, the list of potential items is endless...but we'll never think of all of the right things. Click here to suggest your favorites.

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