RIP Dr. Spock, Leonard Nimoy – Army Veteran

February 27, 2015 Roy Asfar

With great sadness, especially for my fellow Vietnam-era Vets, we report the passing of a great star of TV and the Silver Screen. Leonard Nimoy, known by millions as the Vulcan genius Dr. Spock from Star Trek, died at the age of 83. He was beloved by millions, and an Army Veteran.

For most of his life, he was able to pursue his lifelong passions, even while in uniform. He was an Army Sargent who spent most of his time at Fort McPherson in Georgia, where he presided over shows for the Army’s Special Services branch. According to the New York Times, he also directed and starred as Stanley in the Atlanta Theater Guild’s production of “A Streetcar Named Desire” before receiving his final discharge in November, 1955.

But it was in Star Trek – both the TV series of the 1960s during the height of the Vietnam War, and the subsequent hit movies by the same name – where Nimoy found his greatest fame as the cerebral Dr. Spock.

The show premiered in 1966 and continues to live on through syndication and re-runs. TV Guide named the role of Dr. Spock as one of the 50 Greatest TV Characters.

In later life, he was known for hosting the “In Search Of” sci-fi educational series, and for directing the Star Trek movies and Three Men and a Baby, which was the highest grossing film of 1987.

Nimoy also provided the voice for animated characters in Transformers: The Movie, in 1986, and The Pagemaster in 1994.

May you live long in our memories and thank you for your service to the country, Sergeant & Dr. Spock.

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