Recognizing the Army’s Birthday and Flag Day

June 11, 2015 astera

As my fellow Army veterans would attest, this weekend is a special one for us. It includes the Army’s 240th birthday! Our friends at the New York City Mayor’s Office of Veterans Affairs report a special recognition of service on the Official Army Day in NYC this Friday, June 12.

As he did last year, Army Chief of Staff Gen. Ray Odierno will host the Army's birthday celebration at 10 a.m., June 12, at Times Square in New York. I was there last year for this moving ceremony (Embed photo and caption of Scott and Odierno from this page: Take a moment to thank your Army friends for their service.

And let’s not forget to wave our colors proudly on Saturday, June 14, a date that marks the 238th Birthday of the American Flag's adoption. If you are at a ball game or watching one on television this weekend, and the National Anthem is playing, pause to acknowledge our flag, the ultimate symbol of our country and the freedoms it represents.

Partners are also helping us recognize the holiday. Dell, a Veterans Advantage partner since 2002, has upgraded its discount for you. You now have a combinable 17% with Dell’s current low-priced member purchase program. Click on over to Members Only today while supplies last.

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