Recognizing 240 Years of Our US Navy

October 26, 2015 admin


We recently celebrated the 240th birthday of the United States Navy - a momentous occasion not only for our U.S. active duty military, veterans and their families, but for our country. Since its birth on October 13, 1775, the U.S. Navy has been dedicated to preserving freedom and patrolling our waters, sailing as a constant deterrent against aggression.

For our feature this month, we've taken a look back through our TopVet archive to share the stories and successes of three Navy veterans who remind us of the powerful lessons that military service can instill in America's men and women. We thank Charles R. Larson, Lowell McAdam and Chuck Widger for their exemplary naval service, leadership and philanthropy.

In the spirit of the Navy's birthday, we also wish to recognize members of our Merchant Marines and remember those lost in the sinking of the El Faro cargo ship in Hurricane Joaquin. This tragedy once again reminded us of the ruthlessness of the sea and the bravery of all those who go to work in our oceans every day.

Keep an eye out for Scott's Corner, and don't forget to wish our Navy a happy birthday!


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