November: Military Family Month

November 19, 2015 mzost


In 1993, the Armed Services YMCA, in conjunction with the United States government, declared November "Military Family Month." Every November since then, we celebrate Military Family Month to honor military families through awareness, public and private initiatives and service programs. It's a month for us to recognize the special service and sacrifices of our military families.

Honoring military families has always been an important part of our core mission here at Veterans Advantage. We believe that when one member of the family serves, the whole family serves. We have worked with our partners to ensure that they extend family members the same benefits that service members receive. We created the VetFamily designation to honor the family members of servicemen and women who have achieved significant accomplishments due in part to their family member's service to our country.

Simply put, family members bear a heavy burden whenever their loved ones serve our country. As President Obama stated in a recent proclamation: “During Military Family Month, we pay tribute to and thank our military families for their service to our country, and we recognize the extraordinary ways in which they give of themselves for all.” This month, we urge you to take a minute to help military families – or acknowledge your own military family – in whatever way you can. Whether it's taking the time to talk about the unique challenges military families face, volunteering to help other military families or just sitting down to dinner together, we can all do our part to make sure military families get the recognition they deserve.

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