New Benefit Updates from Veterans Advantage

January 23, 2015 claire

Your Veterans Advantage benefits package just got bigger!

As of Jan.15, your Amtrak 15% discount now includes same day travel and is extended to family members with a VetRewards Card. With ski season underway, you can get away for a long weekend with your family and save on everyone's travel. Business travelers also have a reason to pick up and grab a train for that next meeting, without the need to reserve 3 days in advance to get the discount, as was previously the case.

If you prefer to stay home and not brave the cold, we have big news: Get Verizon FiOS for your home, Internet, TV and phone needs with savings of up to $120 a year!

The news today helps us round out a comprehensive package of services with the telecommunications giant. For nearly three-and-a-half years, VetRewards Card holders like you have been getting 15% OFF wireless plans and 25% OFF accessories. With today's announcement, we now have you covered at home - with big savings.

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