Many Thanks to GE for its Support of Veterans Advantage

April 28, 2017 astera

Phil Mickelson Masters Veterans AdvantageScott Higgins (left) CEO & Founder of Veterans Advantage getting a warm hand on his shoulder from Jeff Immelt, CEO of GE (who is quite tall…)

As a member of The Wings Club, the premier society of aviation professionals, I frequently have the opportunity to meet the top leaders in the global aviation industry.

At a recent Wings Club lunch, I connected with Jeffrey Immelt who is Chief Executive Officer of GE. I congratulated Jeff on the special recognition the Wings Club awarded his top-ranked Fortune 500 company for its innovations in jet engine technology, but I especially wished to thank him for his company’s support of Veterans Advantage.

Five years ago, GE served as our Presenting Sponsor for our inaugural launch of Veterans Week NYC and helped us produce our first full week of events to honor our nation’s veterans. I was proud to tell Jeff that this is now an annual New York gathering and has become one of our country’s largest and most significant events recognizing and thanking veterans for their service. We will be celebrating our 6th year on November 5th-12th.

In addition, I let Jeff know that we greatly appreciate GE’s engagement with our Veterans Advantage Jobs & Career Network, where his company posts open positions it seeks to fill with veterans. GE is one the most military-friendly employers in the world, with more than 10,000 veterans in its workforce. If you are a veteran looking to enhance your career with a position at GE, you can check out GE job posts here.

Our planning for Veterans Week NYC 2017 is well underway, and this important week of veteran events promises to be bigger than ever. You can learn more here, and patriotic companies interested in becoming a sponsor can reach out to our event marketing team here at


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