Ken Burns on "The Vietnam War"

September 15, 2017 Anonymous


Vietnam will be front and center this weekend, as award-winning documentary producer Ken Burns’s “The Vietnam War” hits the airwaves Sunday night on PBS.

“The Vietnam War” promises to break new ground in the tradition of other fine documentaries produced by Burns. His epic series on the Civil War produced in 1990 earned him the first Lincoln Prize, where I serve as a Trustee. As a history major at Gettysburg College and a Civil War buff, I believe Burns’s work represents a raw realism with a respectful eye towards history and a meticulous attention to detail.  

Burns expects this series will bring a fresh perspective for Americans today: “A good deal of the disunion and lack of civil discourse and degraded politics we experience today really metastasized in Vietnam,” he tells Recode Media.

Expect to see and hear from notable Vietnam Veterans such as John McCain and John Kerry, and everyday grunts on the ground in “The Vietnam War.”

If you or a loved one experienced the Vietnam War either on the front lines of battle there or on the streets of America -- the site of powerful political skirmishes -- be sure to share your thoughts about this period in American history on our Facebook page.

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