Election Day and Veterans Day 2016

November 8, 2016 astera


Election Day 2016 has been described as one of the most critical votes in a generation. Maybe longer. And while millions of Americans are going to the polls today and whatever the outcome, it is a reminder to all of the freedoms we enjoy that allow a day like this to happen.

TopVet Norman Lear is a man with the perspective of modern American history, from the depression era to modern millennial society. A gunner with the Army's Air Force during World War II, he has fought for us to preserve our freedoms and preserve the American way of life. Be sure to read his profile in this week's newsletter.

Election Day and Veterans Day in the same week make for one busy week for us! Make sure your voice is heard, so America continues to learn the value of military service, both in the polling booth on November 8, and on the parade route across America on November 11.


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