A Special Reminder to Protect Your Identity

May 26, 2015 admin

We hope you had a special Memorial Day. There is no greater obligation our nation has than to honor those who have given the ultimate sacrifice in service to our country. Since the Civil War, on Memorial Day we honor those who have defended our freedoms with their “last full measure of devotion.” We are deeply grateful to them and their families.

ID protection is something we have found to be of critical importance to our community. According to the FTC, veterans and military report double the rate of ID theft than the general population, due to improper handling of government issued military IDs. At Veterans Advantage, we do not collect sensitive personally identifiable information. We do not rent, share or sell the information we collect. Ever. Our VetRewards Card is the secure ID solution for verification and redemption of military discounts.

As a Veterans Advantage member, I want to alert you about another threat to the security of your personal identity: free military discount sites, startups that get paid by retailers to verify military service records for retailers. These “free” sites offer military discounts that require you to upload a military ID (illegal), deployment orders, DD214 or other sensitive documents. Your other choice is to you give your highly sensitive personally identifiable information (SSN, DoB) and checkbox ‘permission’ to be verified by a government database.

Contrary to the marketing hype, even with your permission, these sites do NOT have authorized access to a government database to check for a retail discount. And, deeply buried in their privacy policy is the fact that if you decide to use the free site for just about anything, you unknowingly give them permission to sell your personal information to just about anyone.

As warned in our special Memorial Day press release, it is not worth it to expose yourself to this lack of privacy protection, and illegal practices, just to get a discount. We encourage you to learn more at www.veteransadvantage.com/news

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