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First, a single business service provided by IT may combine several IT services, both internal and external. To troubleshoot an issue, IT must first identify all the services in its supply chain, then determine which services might be causing the issue, and finally work with the service provider to identify the cause of the problem and then fix it. Similarly, for each IT service in the supply chain, IT will need to determine which KPIs most accurately mea- sure whether the service is meeting its contractual requirements. Second, IT needs more than just performance from cloud service providers. Often, agility, flexibility, scalability, security and other factors matter, too. But how can CIOs craft indicators that reflect these relatively intangible requirements? How, for example, do CIOs measure business flexibility? Third, while IT has ready access to its own internal infrastructure for monitoring tools and KPIs, when it comes to cloud services, IT may not enjoy this level of access. For example, most SaaS systems offer only limited access to the actual infrastructure running the software. Also, to limit their liability, cloud service providers may chafe at being held accountable for some measures. Service uptime, sure. But response times? Maybe not, since those levels depend in part on a third-party communications provider. Fortunately, service assurance technologies can help CIOs moni- tor their IT services, whether internal or in the cloud. These include CA Application Performance Management, which keeps tabs on Own management systems Proactive, real-time alerts from cloud providers Internal user reports, service desk calls External sources, including customers Scheduled reports from cloud providers DATA: Enterprise Management Associates, survey of 150 large (500+ employees) companies worldwide, 2010 Note: Multiple replies were permitted Eyes on the Cloud Monitoring tools and real-time alerts used for problem- detection by cloud-based-services users 57% 55% 42% 35% 22% 0% 10 20 30 40 50 60 )'('SMART ENTERPRISE 43

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