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Smart Enterprise: Greater Expectations

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Contents V O LU M E 4 , N U M B E R 3 SPECIAL REPORT Business is demanding more than ever before from IT. To deliver, smart CIOs are following a new path and treating IT as a supply chain. Just as manufacturers use their supply chains to source parts from both internal and external suppliers, so can CIOs pick and choose IT services from the best possible source, whether internal, external or in the cloud. The result: nothing less than the dawn of a new era for IT. PLUS: Five Steps to Creating Your Dynamic IT Supply Chain By Larry Lange 12 FEATURES 18 SMART MANAGEMENT IT Budgets for the 'New Normal' Now that IT is the business, IT funding needs a refresh, too. An innovative approach to budgeting can help CIOs reserve funds for vital business innovation. 22 CASE STUDY When IT Fuels Growth At oilfield services company Baker Hughes, CIO Clif Triplett's department not only supports the business — it is the business. 26 CASE STUDY DHL Walks the Talk At international shipper DHL, IT staff from the supply chain division literally sit side-by-side with their business colleagues. The results include an IT project that should reduce power consumption by 30 percent and costs by even more. 32 SMART TRENDS The Strategic CIO When it comes to the CIO's role, reactive is out, proactive is in, finds a new survey of 300+ IT executives. In fact, today's IT leaders set enterprise standards, create corporate strategies, and develop skills. 38 SMART PRACTICES The Greater Data Center The cloud changes everything — including the data center. Floating in: new tools for managing cloud-connected data centers, just-in-time delivery of IT services, even a return to the modern mainframe. 4 SMARTENTERPRISEMAG.COM (12) FREDRIK BRODEN Greater Expectations

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